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of paranoia,books n us

December 8, 2008

after kicking off the whole enterprise yesterday….finally!..praise the lord!!…spent bout an hour wondering if the font colour was wrong..if the text size was ok…..yada yada…and thus reached the conclusion that Either I AM technologically challenged(as my pesky brothers hv been saying for years…do I look like I care?:P) or the world is aeons ahead….which basically amounts to the same…..thought the earlier name Ummeed was too damn pretentious…..I know .I knw ….left all efforts at pleasing ppl waaaaayyy behind…or atleast resolved to…but ol’ habits n all that crap……so on with the pathetic n pointless my pic ok?can someone misuse it?what if they download it?at which point my pesky lil bro intervened and asked ‘they who’?which made me gv d twit one swift kick in d *** and carry on with this all imp mission…anyway..hmm…so where were we?oh yes!pic misuse,technologically challenged n all that…I tell u a psychologist would hv a field day with this one…childhood trauma n stuff(see I wanted to use’shit ‘ instead of stuff rght there….)nw see what I mean?I mean who d hell is monitorin n yet here I am….maybe I am like that ugly betty character…nope…not that ugly yet…or maybe in d duckling to d swan stage….hmm..bears sm thought ,this when exactly does d swan stage come?anyway bk to d point…d only childhood trauma ever faced by urs truly was bout not gettin issued more than one book frm d school library…and d mcte library so after a couple of these profound disappointments…decided to tk matters in my own hand and picked up my courage and went to d dragon as we called her….explained d situation very politely and said well…. as fast as my reading powers were (notice how modest lil ol me was.. even back then?)I needed to survive on more than 1 book a day and so could she please do the required?….so knw what d damn woman did?made me recite d story of each and every book I returned …so that she could ESTABLISH(her word)that I had indeed read d book…and so there I was day after day standing to attention reciting the adventures of fatty and the gang one day or the adventures of nancy drew and hardy boys the next day…all the while lookin around to see what I could lay my hands on next….(hey!blame mom n dad for making me a true blue geek)n yeah while we are at d blame deptt ,d school kept such few hindi boks I could count them on my fingers….(still can)and so It came to pass….the daughter of a true blue Hindi heartland dude n his mrs(dont bash me feminists) goin the angrezi way..ofcourse dad n ma had their revenge…we three(moi,both my bros)came back home..and in d evening sat down to a rigorous regime of Sanskrit(in all its undiluted glory…with all the ramah,ramau,rameh by dad )and d hindi deptt taken over by ma…thumak chalat ramchandra n the ilk……n did they teach us maths & russian?history & german?(their subjects respectively)no,ladies and gentleman..these were real fanatics….it was as if their sole hope lay in seeing us as pandits and vidushis…..Hindi and sanskrit seemed to be dying out and we seemed to be its sole salvation(or so it seemed)….so here we are reasonably proficient at english,hindi,and sanskrit(lost a bit of ground there..)(n yeah I am ALWAYS this modest)…and hoping to continue the streak……….

P.S-jokes apart,huge thanks to ma n dad for those hours of toil….n making us what we are……love always…….

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  1. Usha Pisharody permalink
    January 23, 2009 9:42 pm


    Let me catch my breath after that hurdy gurdy ride of your post 🙂

    I see the germination here, and the gradual blossoming to the fruition of more organized writing 🙂

    This is a learning experience, as it has been, for you too, am sure 🙂 🙂

    Glad to note that the lingo is being avoided in the newer posts too!

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