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love,feminism,the works and YOU…

December 11, 2008

oh! all the soppy novels I read 😀 😀 😆

WHY????does love hurt?why do they say only fools fall in love?why is love so overrated?why does the whole world go crazy on Valentine’s ?why does love make us do completely loony things?but then isnt love also underrated by some?coz people dont even take it seriously…flitting from this to that,convinced in some corner of their heart that its not for them……,that this is one of the emotions which makes one completely useless. But why do they tell you it’s all going to be okay with that special someone?why do they tell you, ”be a complete human being first” coz no one else can complete you..?………..then why do I sigh when Tom Cruise says ,”you complete me”?why don’t I find it corny?why don’t my ideas of being a feminist clash with wanting to be with that special someone?why does my heart trip a beat when he tells me with that smile of his ,”don’t cut your hair short…I like it that way”?where do all my ideas of being a proud ‘me’ go then?of not listening to any other soul on how to run my life?why do I want him to open doors for me?and not want him to ‘baby’me at the same time?is it okay if I hate anyone calling me ‘babe’ but its fine if he calls me ‘jaan’?am I standing for all the women?or is it just me I should be worried about?why do I have a harder time being happy with you?am I holding the feminist torch?is it hypocritical to say I still want you to take care of me,cherish me,love me till eternity?can I want all that and still be a ‘strong’woman? Do I want you to protect me from the big bad world?slay the dragons,bash up the bad guys,rescue me from the tower…all in a day’s work for you….?Then why do I want to kick ass too?be a xena warrior princess all on my own?coz if I can take care of myself what are you there for?and if you are there for me then what does that say about me?Am I that helpless ,that incapable?and if I am, then how am I a self made strong woman?why is it all a damn vicious circle?why?why?why???

……………………..and then you laugh,that infectious laugh of yours that I have come to know and love……you laugh and tell me we both can take care of ourselves….we have all these years haven’t we?we are complete so we don’t need each other to complete us….no!you say…no… I love you because you ARE all that….a woman who can fall ,pick herself up and move on…its that self confidence I fell in love with,you know how to deal with the world,you know how to tell the good from the bad,you know you are not weak………………and thats why I love you……don’t you know?

and then you hold me gently by the shoulders ,your fingers brush my cheek….you turn me around and point to the wall…….

”Do you want me to tell you something really subversive? Love is everything it’s cracked up to be. That’s why people are so cynical about it. . . . It really is worth fighting for, being brave for, risking everything for. And the trouble is, if you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.”– Erica Jong

”Didn’t you put that up there?”you ask……..

I smile ….turn to you…eyes blurry with tears…….I love you..,I say….did I tell you that?I do…..because of what you are and what you have been….so much more than I can say…

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