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Mera Bharat Mahaan???

January 26, 2009

What do I write?How do I write?After having seen all this…How? Tell me which poem will express this best?THe anguish ?the pain?And which article will do justice to all that we have seen and all that we are on the verge of becoming?A talibanisation they call it…

Do you understand…are you even able to comprehend the sheer terror that word portrays?Of what TALIBANISATION means?Of what will happen if this leads to our very own home grown taliban?

And to think I commented on IHM’s post yesterday and said …… the one assuring thing however is ,in fact the silver lining, is that our CONSTITUTION at least has the laws in place…..YES, we do need more laws, more stringent ones and we also need to ensure that laws are applied forcefully…
This is why even a 12 year old in a village in Rajasthan can refuse to get married, can call the police and know what her RIGHTS are….
THis is why young women say to hell with dowry and refuse to get married…

The singular most important point is that when we arm a complete gender with that most powerful weapon of all…. with LEGAL RIGHTS that support her in a DEMOCRATIC country, then 50%of INDIA’s population moves forward knowing that she will be supported, that the CONSTITUTION HAS GOT HER BACK!
Wouldn’t we then say that thank god for INDIA’s founding fathers? THANK GOD!!”

I am laughing now…hysterically,madly…



Forget the girl in a village….we cannot protect the ones in our cities….the educated ones,the liberal ones..the ones whose parents have made sure they stand on an equal footing…toe to toe with the best….

BEcause some two bit goon who thinks he represents the morality.thr izzat of India????….THE SHRI RAM SENA THEY CALL THEMSELVES!!! WHAT A JOKE OF A NAME!! WHAT A!!!!!
HE thinks that this is not our SABHYATA!!!! NOT OUR SANSKRITI!!!
Look how they describe themselves…a pro -hindu apolitical organisation!!really??
WHICH HINDUS?I don’t know any HINDUS THAT you speak of!I know only INDIANS!!

Try coming near me you A******** I will tell you who is a TRUE HINDU!better yet I’ll show you what BEING AN INDIAN means!!!

Which brothers do you talk about?
THE ONES WHO DIED IN 26/11 with other Indians?
They were not your brothers!!WHERE WERE YOU B******** when 26/11 was happening?Hiding in some little corner??Hoping for it to pass???

Speaking with CNN-IBN from Maharashtra, Muthalik defended his organisation and said it was not a big issue and that the media was blowing it out of proportion.
“It’s a small incident and we were only working against obscenity in public. You are not talking about the issue, which is obscenity and inappropriate behaviour,” he said.
Muthalik – who was also the Karnataka Chief of the Shiv Sena but parted ways with them over the Belgaum border issue – also said Ram Sena was a non-profit organisation and its objective was to “serve the society and prevent bad begaviour”.

I want to sit and weep….
Just when we convince ourselves that this is fine..things are better than they seem…everything will change for the better….
I see all this…..
In which religion,which culture,which mind which ‘DHARMA‘is this justified?

ANd look at the reactions!!THE CM SAYS what an UNFORTUNATE incident!!BJP says WE CONDEMN it!!
WE will deliver justice,the police are probing the incident,we will nab all the culprits….

oh really?And how many times have we heard that before???

and to think WE PUT YOU THERE…WE!!

Moral police they call themselves……morals is what the SRi Ram sena will teach the women of this country!!



Do you even come close???

Are you aware of this ?
Yatra Nari-stu pujyante, ramante tatra devta.
where women are revered, there the gods reside.

Even your gods will not come you fools!!The Rama that you speak of,in whose name you wreak havoc……

A few days ago I had seen this news on tv and I was outraged..
I wanted to ask them ..”You fools !do you know what it takes to educate one child?a girl child?do you?
Whole nations have failed…governments have thrown up their hands..nobody has been able to do it…and yet they try…
And you deny those an education for whom its the only hope???

and yet…despite the ranting.. it didnt seem close…or.familiar….
Now it does…frighteningly close…
This is how it starts…
the dress is not right…the sabhyata and sanskriti are at stake….no sharam left…
no mingling with men…no alcochol…no going out at night…why do women want to have night shifts at work..
her clothes are provocative…she invites it….

What do we do?How do we hope?What do I tell the little girls in my class when they ask why all this happened?Why didnt the police do anything?
Because in their little world ,the bad guys are always caught…the police catches them you see….

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  1. Sagarone permalink
    January 26, 2009 4:12 am

    The best laws in the world can not protect anyone if implementation is lacking. It all ultimately boils down to bad governance. The baggage that the BJP carries is going to drown it out from the Indian polity. Just a matter of time. Through a PIL, the judiciary has to express its displeasure at rampant vigilante-culture and exhort the government to establish the rule of law. Incidents like this are a blot on the face of our society.

  2. Indian Home Maker permalink
    January 26, 2009 4:14 am

    Indyeah tell them they have to be very strong because life is very tough, and we are all together in it, my holding hands tag is going to be … but only feel a little saner …. about this …

    I have been feeling the same hopelessness and helplessness since yesterday Indyeah.

    I think Renuka Chaudhury should take it up with the Election Commission.

  3. Usha Pisharody permalink
    January 26, 2009 4:43 am

    There is a great weariness within suddenly.

    Yesterday, on an upbeat surge of positive energy I wrote the post on the constitution, the tricolour and finally, because I did not want to wait, I posted it. I do not normally watch much TV, and so also yesterday. It was at night the news caught up with me, and that was a minor reference in a local channel. Then I switched to the usual news channels to see the horror unfold. Even more horrific is the justification!

    Who gives the right to SOME to decide what our Sanskriti is or our Sabhyata? WHO?

    When, in the Rig Vedas we read about the high status of women, given during those times, as you have shared in that quote:

    Gods reside where a woman is respected

    how can these despicable men go about dictating morals? Morals. Ha!! The irony is just too much!

    The greater irony as I see it is people here, telling their friends and associates who have their daughters studying or working outside to be careful, not wear western clothes, or visit such places. Teach them morals, they are told!!


    That is when the weariness set in. It is temporary I know. Tomorrow in school, I am going to fight tooth and nail with anyone who says something like this! Instead of condemning what actually took place, they come up with a knee jerk reaction!!!

    Disgusted and shamed beyond words!

  4. shail permalink
    January 26, 2009 5:17 am

    Weeping with you. Really this is so distressing. What are we coming to!!

  5. Kislay permalink
    January 26, 2009 6:12 am

    Drinking is NOT against Indian culture . The ancient Hindus were very open about sex . You would know all that . I don’t know what the f*** is wrong with these people . What the hell do they mean by “bad behaviour” and “obsecenity” . Why don’t they shut down brothels all over India , if they are so concerned with the decaying morals of the society ? And all that in the name of the God who was the ideal man . WTF !

  6. Indyeah permalink
    January 26, 2009 7:18 am

    Sagarone:-Very wisely said…(as you did previously too on holding ones opinion and respecting another’s)…yes,the best constitution becomes a mere pareweight as Usha says…
    bad governance that is the root problem….I sincerely hope that duch fanatical groups do dissappear…
    one can only watch horrified at whats happening….
    PIL’s yes!bt how many PIl’s will it take to root out the decay…:(
    one can only hope..

    Indian Home Maker:-Yes,I will….will try and explain to them somehow in some manner that the men who did this were bad….and mentally ill…and yes,that they have to be really tough to fight out their way and never give up..ever!!
    yes,hopelessness and helplessness…
    I sincerely hope too that she does…
    But how many battles will one Renuka Chaudhary fight?….:(

    Hugsss IHM!we all need it so much…

    Usha:-You described it perfectly…this is what it feels like…a weariness is what one feels….and yes,I too was reading your post..and reading sundry other things….didnt switch on the tv…and didnt realize what was happening….

    and then as I did switch it on on republic day no less!!what do I see?:((

    ”The greater irony as I see it is people here, telling their friends and associates who have their daughters studying or working outside to be careful, not wear western clothes, or visit such places. Teach them morals, they are told!!”
    This is the PROBLEM…exactly!!the mindset…
    disgusted …so disgusted…

    Shail:-yes, it does make one think doesnt it…and makes you want to weep….and think in sheer terror of what could happen….we can hope…and try to rise above tthis……..and the disenchantment…..but how?that is the question…things seem bleak
    as of now…

    Kislay:-Exactly !!exactly..these are seriously retarded idiots who don’t even know what they are fighting for and whom….what sabhyata?what sanskriti??
    they dont even know what it means to be an INDIAN!

  7. Ajit permalink
    January 26, 2009 9:22 am

    yeah indyeah,
    I got to know of the incident from IHM's blog…
    really bad situ….
    They are destroying our very own culture, our INDIAN culture…
    that is what they are doing…

    F*&* THEM!!!!!!!
    I once took an oath that I will be the change I wanna see, and i care two hoots about what others think….
    we all should just move forward and let these ass*&*&*&* rot in hell…..

  8. Solilo permalink
    January 26, 2009 9:54 am

    Who are these saviors of culture? The ones whose children study abroad?
    The ones who get sloshed on every other occasion?
    The ones who have secret affairs?

    None of these people respect our constitution. They have inferred everything the way it suits them.

    Only few women politicians speak. Some condemn. Where are other so-called secular parties? No one cares unless it is directly connected to them.

  9. Vinod_Sharma permalink
    January 26, 2009 4:14 pm

    The anguish and anger that you feel is shared by most right minded Indians. It is time the BJP stopped playing innocent for these outrageous assaults on human decency and freedom. Enough is enough. We cannot have India turning into a Hindu variant of Afghanistan or FATA. They are lessons for us about what is to be avoided like the plague under all circumstances. The moment religious fanatics start having a free run and start dictating rules of moral behaviour, the rot sets in.

    Solilo has made valid observations. We need to ask those question too.

  10. hitch writer permalink
    January 26, 2009 7:52 pm

    These are times when you actually question yourself if you are living in a fool’s paradise when we say we are a developing country that is set for a great leap to prosperity.

    India is truly shining by beating women for enjoying their lives.

    At times i feel we are just ignoring so many faults with our system so that we can get the make believe satisfaction of saying my country is great !!

    No, no one will do anything about this, two people were arrested. Soon it will be forgotten and life will be normal again.

    Greatness I dont know, but Cynism is here to stay in our country !

  11. Chirag permalink
    January 26, 2009 8:30 pm

    Apne Desh ka kafi samy tak kuch nahi ho sakta.

    People who are suppose to stop the crimes are criminals, Mob Rules, People’s lives are less valuable than votes, Women are not free, free yet.

    So Bharat Mahaan, Nahi bilkul nahi.

  12. Indyeah permalink
    January 27, 2009 4:21 am

    Ajit:-well said Ajit!after drowning in misery yesterday I have reached the same conclusion!having pondered on it..and reading/watching/hearing a lot of viewpoints…yes…who gives a damn about these idiots?
    to hell with all of them!beautifully put….I WILL BE THE CHANGE!

    Solilo:-valid questions…ones that all of us think everyday…their children go to English medium schools while they harp about ‘Hindi’ and other ‘bhartiya’ languages….and abroad too….as you pointed out..
    they do all that you write of..and they preach moral values..the hypocrites!

    no one cares…the ‘secular parties will jump in only to make the opposing party’s life hell…..not caring about the real issue..
    women?who cares about them?they dont give a damn!
    But we will not bow down or bend at all!

    Vinod Sir:-yes ,yesterday the hoplessness seemed to be never ending and one felt asolutely lost….today however I am able to calm down and look at this as a whole….Taliban’s horrific deeds should serve as a lesson to India…of what can happen if one lets these so called ‘small’ incidents pass…yes,moral behaviour or should be a matter of personal choice..Solilo’s questions are bang on target…

    Hitchwriter:-yes..exactly…cynicism has become a part of our life..and not in a healthy way…we have become so wary…yes,we all are trying to fool ourselves from time to time…
    as they say ,”the more things change,the more they remain the same.”

    Chirag:-yes, votes are more important than human lives…and women??they dont even come into the picture….!
    this maybe cliched…but”koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota usse perfect banan padta hai”lets do our bit what little way we can…

  13. Salil Dhawan permalink
    January 27, 2009 7:50 am

    These illiterate shameless animals who are blot on India and its culture talk about ‘SAving Indian Culture’.Such people should be given 3rd degree electric shocks and should be deported to Siachian to guard Indian borders.Then they will save ‘Hey Ram’.!!!

  14. Indyeah permalink
    January 28, 2009 7:16 pm

    Salil:-In different ways ,all of us are feeling the same anger that you are feeling…yes,these goons dontdeserve to be called Indians…they really should be put behind bars for a long,long time…..this is how they get their sense of power by terrorizing women ….the words I want to use for them are too many and not appropriate ….lets keep this anger alive and not forget when another incident of moral policing takes place…..

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