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Take a bow’ Secular Progressive Congress’!

January 28, 2009

After The BJP and sundry other similar saffron parties…RSS,VHP…and now The Shri Ram Sena(What a joke of a name!)and yes,make no mistake they ARE saffron ….no matter what they try to convince you of…

It is now the turn of that most secular of all ,most progressive of all parties!The Congress ladies and gentlemen!
(just in case for some who are reading..Yes!I was being sarcastic about the secular and progressive part)

Ashok Gehlot,the Rajasthan Chief Minister VOWED to fight pub culture! Vowed mind you…nothing less will do…
In a state where the evil and barbaric practice of child marriages still takes place,where daughters are STILL killed when they are born/ female infanticide takes place,where the female ratio is the lowest…

WhereSati/Jauhar was prevalent till about two decades back both in reality and in the mindsets of people here and for all we know still does exist….


This meanwhile is the state policy for women In Rajasthan.

The aim of this policy is to bring improvement in the status and position of women to make the process.

Modalities and systems dynamic in order to eliminate exploitation and exploitative practices and to create a supportive environment for the over all development of girls and women.

In order to realise the objective, the following steps are out-lined: –
· Initiate policies and programmes that promote gender equality and’ social justice (including gender justice) and enable women to realize their constitutional rights.

· Recognise the productive role of women in househo1d economy, the economy, and the
State; the Government will strive towards ensuring equal access to and control over resources and the fruits of development;

· Recognise the special needs of girl children, adolescent girls, and women ine xtreme poverty and difficult circumstances and target developmental interventions in such vulnerable sections of society;

· Recognise the vicious circle of poor nutrition, poor health, early child bearing and high mortality among women; promote a life cycle approach to women’s health that recognises the needsat every stage from childhood to old age. Assist women gain greater control over their reproductive health and prevent unwanted pregnancies;

· Ensure that all girl children have access to at least primary education; illiterate/n eo-literate adolescent and women have opportunities for basic and continuing education; and in general women have equal access at all levels of education;

· Create a conducive environment and appropriate mechanisms for gender sensitisation of Government functionaries at all levels and in all departments and initiate systems for sensitisation of political leaders, opinion makers and the media;

· Promote and support effective participation of women in political processes and gain their access to decision-making government and non-governmenti nstitutions and organisations.

THEY OF COURSE PLAN TO ACHIEVE ALL THESE NOBLE OBJECTIVES,in due course of time!(The hypocrite!)First things first!


TO HELL WITH WOMEN’S issues and DEvelopment!To hell with noble objectives!To hell with eliminating exploitation and exploitative practices !!!FIRST THINGS FIRST!

If one was to go by what MR Gehlot is saying,one would be assured that the TOPMOST PRIORITY at the moment is fighting….yes ,FIGHTING !THIS MENACE CAlled PUB CULTURE!

And exactly what were these golden words that came out of Mr Gehlot’s mouth?
He slammed “pub culture” and said he was “against boys and girls walking hand in hand in pubs and malls
He wants to weed out PDA!Yes,public displays of affection!

So,if the ‘BOYS AND GIRLS’ stop holding hands ,things will be fine!India will shine again and how…morality will be back and sabhyata will be safe once more…

But wait!there’s more ! In this media savvy age Mr Gehlot recognized pretty quickly where his foot had gone… he backtracked promptly and has said ”that his move to end the pub culture in the state has nothing to do with the Mangalore incident.”
In the same breath he goes on to say that he was misquoted on the Pub Culture remark.

He ,of course blamed it as usual on the BJP,(Who else?)(BJP AND CONGRESS Two bickering spouses who cant stay marrried and cant get divorced) saying that he wanted to end the “liquor culture” in the state, for which he blamed the previous BJP government.

The Karanataka CM meanwhile has termed the incident as unfortunate.
and goes on to say,”We won’t allow this pub culture in Karnataka to grow. But on the other hand, those who take law in their hand will be dealt with very firmly,” What does it mean?
You decide ladies and gentlemen!
These vermin are whom WE vote for!
Men who deserve to be locked up.preferably forever and in some lunatic Asylum no less!

Edited to add:- Quirky Indian’s ‘Indian Culture is alive and kicking!‘ has just made me aware of the fact that Communists are not far behind!And so the ‘Tikri’IS COMPLETE, the three ‘national’ jokers of our political scene have all arrived and how!

Sample this gem,”Women should not try to imitate men. Progress does not mean becoming males,”” said Mridula Sinha, member of the BJP’s national executive. Bijoya Chakravarty, BJP’s national vice president, said in Assam that “it is not good for a young woman to go to a pub”.

And this one,“We have to go into the roots of the problem … (but) drastic action cannot be the solution in any democratic and civilised society,” said Rabin Deb, member the West Bengal state committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

“India is not Europe. Mushrooming of pubs is not part of the Indian culture,” said Communist Party of India state secretary Manju Kumar Majumdar.
The problem is in your heads you idiots!And the problem is in the way you were brought up!

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  1. Quirky Indian permalink
    January 28, 2009 11:11 pm

    I came across this news report as well, and just wrote a post on it. Yes, women can be abused, raped, beaten and burnt, but as Indians we should first ensure they do not visit pubs!

    Jai Hind!

    Quirky Indian

  2. Indyeah permalink
    January 28, 2009 11:41 pm

    Quirky Indian:-Yes,that rather seems to be the main motive here…doesn’t it?
    Pubs are the source of all evil…that and holding *gasp* hands!!We have to stop people from commiting these sins…ghor paap is what it is…meanwhile as you say, ”women can be abused, raped, beaten and burnt, but as Indians we should first ensure they do not visit pubs”
    Jai Hind to you too!
    May India progress and far!

  3. Vinod_Sharma permalink
    January 28, 2009 11:58 pm

    Abhilasha, your anger is justified. But we city folk need to remember that we live in a larger society of which we represent a very small percentage. The societal dynamics out there are very different. Rajasthan, whether we like it or not, is a heavily male dominated society. All that has to change, will change too. But we live in a democracy. Vijaye Raje, BJP Chief Minister, a progressive woman, gave a lot of liquor licenses all over the state. The men were happy and the state coffers were getting filled. But, the women in the country side were unhappy and voted against her. This pub culture, where girls and boys drink together, is not part of the larger society. that is something that can be denied only by those for whom rural India means a tourism trip. This is a democracy. Leaders will speak the language of the majority; they have no choice. Let me tell you, however much you and I may be upset over Gehlot and Ram Sena, they would have earned many times more votes than they would have lost, particularly of women.

    While it is fine to express our indignation, we must understand that virtually no politician of any party, save perhaps the baba log of Lutyen’s Delhi, will speak for the pub culture anywhere in the country…they may quietly let it flourish but will not be caught protesting for it…if they do, you know these days elections are won and lost by thin margins and are around the corner.

    There are reports, which you must have also come across, that NDTV was there in the pub even before the guys reached and that much of the drama was stage-managed…elections time. We will see more and more of this stuff in the run up to the elections…you will never get to know who is paying whom to do what! But, the problem with the Congress party’s SWOT managers is that the live and think in rarefied environs, disconnected from real India. That is why, when they rake up an issue and the saturate the media with it, you and I and they too think they have a winner but, it mostly winds up backfiring very badly.

    This media coverage of the Mangalore incident is getting rave TRPs and bloggers are ablaze. But, as Gehlot has discovered, it is having exactly the opposite effect where the votes are! That is why the poor guy has had to speak up.

  4. Indyeah permalink
    January 29, 2009 12:17 am

    Vinod Sir:-The points that you raised are extremely valid.

    Yes,those of us who are sitting in the cities…Delhi for instance…are probably not connected with the rural roots…

    and yes, these politicians will garner more votes in proportion to what they have lost simply beacause there are people sitting not just in so calle drural areas but between us in the cities who see all this as valid and will vote for these very same parties…
    Which also brings to mind the fact that this perhaps was why in a state ridden with riots ,Modi was chosen as the CM..It is the people who decide after all…being a democracy..

    Also,for all the chaos that one is witnessing right now,the people of karnataka might and probably will forget all this when elections come and very gladly vote for the same CM who is making these absurd statements..

    I also understand that Vasundhara Raje for all her tom tomming of being a ‘woman CM and promise of equality for women was no such thing.She was and is a politician at the end of the day.

    But Sir,The fact of the matter is that this didnot happen in a village…if it had we would have been our usual lethargic selves…maybe no blogging also…and definitely no media coverage to the extent that we see short the typical city behaviour…isolated and cocooned..

    However ,this happened in Mangalore,a city by any standard one would say…
    This is why the anger…because somewhere we only rise in anger when we are threatened…when he danger seems to arrive at our doorsteps…

    the last point that I would like to make Sir is that this happened in Mngalore..geographically and politically miles away from the political fields of rajasthan…
    one fails to understand Gehlot’s need to open his mouth at all..
    considering how very rural Rajasthan is,I am
    sure his constituents were least bothered about what was going on in some pub in mangalore and the politics associated with it…not to mention that this was a rival party that was getting all the flak..

  5. Vinod_Sharma permalink
    January 29, 2009 12:37 am

    Abhilahsa, then you have not understood the power and reach of the media…these days when something happens anywhere, people immediately identify with it as it effects them, no matter how far they may be. In Rajasthan, thanks to Vijaye Raje, the sudden change in drinking habits and behavior in turn, affected a lot of people. So, when they see the next logical step…boys and girls drinking together…it hits. In small towns, they barely can go out on a date openly! Things are not impersonal like they are in big cities where you don’t even know the name of you neighbour and don’t give a damn what he does.

    Mangalore is a smallish, traditional town. It is not like cosmopolitan Bangalore, where pub culture is flourishing, has been for a long time, much before it got anywhere near Delhi. You will be surprised that this pub incident and the media coverage that followed will actually benefit the BJP. See, you don’t get it…nor do many of us in the media or in politics. We simply are out of tune with real people out there.

  6. Indyeah permalink
    January 29, 2009 12:54 am

    Yes,Sir you are right in a way.

    It’s a proven fact that the moment any party talks of ‘sanskriti’ and ‘sabhyata’ ,specially any so called pro-Hindu party,votes are automatically guaranteed…no matter how much we crib about it..

    So yes,The congress might very well have been trying to secure its own votebank and making sure that the BjP dividends pay off for it as well…

    these are leaders of the ‘soil’…..all of them come from Patriarchal /feudal societies…(Chautala comes to mind)….most of them are not city educated(but educated yes,sometimes) or from city backgrounds….and even if they were city bred and educated,they would never become mass leaders unless they knew the pulse of the masses….
    so in short, they all become the same at the end…

    Ideally,of course the leaders are elected (in city minds)to make society better, to lead us towards progress….
    however ,for those in Rural areas(not all)and for those with a more conservative mindset,they vote for a leader who will not take them towards progress or modernity but instead will maintain the status quo,in other words no ‘shahari’ ways and no modernity/evil things..

    And yes,I now realize how hoplessly out of tune most of us in cities are with the rest of India…
    It still really takes a huge leap of my imagination to visualise this incident affecting Rajasthan….But yes,I do accept your point that it might very well be so….

    I mean if I try to visualise any leader ,specially a woman leader saying that pub culture (whatever that means) is fine and that there’s nothing wrong with it…then either that leader is Like you said a Baba/baby of Lutyen’s Delhi or a firebrand like Renuka Chaudhary who doesnt give a damn either ways..

    However,Any leader who wants to become a leader of the masses cannot afford to alienate those very masses…
    and the masses in India are still stuck in the 16th century…
    so at the end of the day yes,that’s the reality…
    Your points are extremely valid Sir..
    ”You will be surprised that this pub incident and the media coverage that followed will actually benefit the BJP”
    I do believe you Sir.

    Its just that one wishes so desperately for things to be different….

  7. Balvinder Singh permalink
    January 29, 2009 1:03 am

    (now that i have come to know of your name from Mr. Vinod’s comments above may i take the liberty to call you by your name)

    Abhilasha, the fact is that if we actually read the psych of our politicians, we will make out that whenever they speak about an issue they are mostly speaking out of their head. Never ever i have heard any of our leaders who spoke some of his own words. They are speaking either under the presusure of some class, some group some caste or just playing to the voters’ gallary. That is the very reason that they back out from their statements in no time, blaming the media for misqouting them. Though they are never serious while they speak , they forget that their words once out of thier filthy mouths will pollute the society.

    And Abhilasha, i read in some comments that you have Army background. May i know more about that.

  8. Vinod_Sharma permalink
    January 29, 2009 1:13 am

    Your intelligence continues to amaze me. You have summarised it all so beautifully!

    That huge leap of imagination that you are finding difficult to take is even more ominous as far as the communal situation is concerned. Thanks to the the same information being instantly available visually to people separated by great distances -‘divya drishti’ – if things continue to progress the way they are, one fine day, a small spark will lead to an unprecedented bloodbath. Our leaders are mindlessly busy gathering dry twigs…

  9. Indyeah permalink
    January 29, 2009 1:19 am

    Balvinder Sir:-Yes,you may call me by name..:)very well put Sir,they always speak from some platform of caste/religion/class/group….and they really seem to suffer from verbal diarrhoea is all one can say…
    Not realising how mindsets get altered by their stupid statements…
    ”They are speaking either under the presusure of some class, some group some caste or just playing to the voters’ gallary. That is the very reason that they back out from their statements in no time, blaming the media for misqouting them. Though they are never serious while they speak , they forget that their words once out of thier filthy mouths will pollute the society. ”
    Very true Sir…:( one simply wonders…

    As for the Army background…..yes indeed :)I am from one..Dad was in Signals till a few years back…then took Premature retirement..retiring as Lt.Col
    My brother is now continuing the tradition …:)having joined the Army a few years back..He’s in the infantry and a Capt now….The blogging connections are many and varied…:)You are from the Army,Usha ma’am too from the Navy,her father,her brothers…and her son too now…and you would be plesantly surprised to know that Soliloquy too is from a forces background..:)

  10. Indyeah permalink
    January 29, 2009 1:22 am

    Vinod Sir:-Thank you Sir!The debates and exchange of viewpoints is quite an exercise for the brain:)But all in all one gets educated..:)

    Yes,one feels so hopeless……just hoping for one leader who can take India forward as a whole…

  11. Balvinder Singh permalink
    January 29, 2009 1:35 am

    Wow!!! blogging is really taking me places and pleasant ones at that. Abhilasha, thanks for updating.

  12. Usha Pisharody permalink
    January 29, 2009 1:40 am

    A lot of this came through in that interview I wrote about… the views of the Congress! While they themselves are dyed in the same shade of shame!!!

    And corruption as corroded so much of the real moral fabric of the nation’s administration and the media, that, as Vinod Sir says, it is indeed as if sometimes the two are in cahoots with each other!

    While some of the media coverage does give the citizen a chance, a lot the stage managed stuff is hurting the poeple, more than anything else.

    And we are simply sitting ducks.

    Quack! Quack!

  13. freespirit permalink
    January 29, 2009 2:12 am

    @Indyeah: Thanks for the encouragement!

    All I’d like to say is that while it’s true that the rural majority would choose to vote for the Sena, thanks to such incidents, there isn’t much difference between women asking for a ban on liquor and women protesting against being forced out of a pub.

    On the one hand, women get beaten up daily by drunk husbands while on the other hand women are forced out of a pub, beaten, molested and called all sorts of explicit names which I wouldn’t like to type here. In the end all of these women are asking for the right to live with dignity. They’re asking for equality. If the women in rural areas could be financially independent how many of them would still prefer to get beaten up every day? And even if they did choose to stay with their husbands it would be due to our regressive social norms, the same norms that these extremists define as culture and then exploit to their advantage.

    It is important that people realise that all the fuss isn’t about protecting, or not protecting, the pub culture. It is mainly about the right to live with dignity, equality and the right to freedom- the right for a woman to live as she chooses; if it is right for a man to go to a pub, then why not for a woman?

  14. Vinod_Sharma permalink
    January 29, 2009 2:40 am

    It is important to understand the picture of the politics of it all, an authentic glimpse of which Usha has given. We are all sitting ducks indeed.

    That having been said, no one can argue that social change is required and the dignity of women needs to be restored. A lot of change has already come…young city dwellers can get a glimpse of how bad things were 50-60 years back by watching some old B&W films. But a lot more needs to be one, particularly in the hinterland. It has to be done with sensitivity and in as non-disruptive a manner as possible. The reach of TV has already speeded up things and I sense that 50 years down the line, things will be far more different
    compared to today than they were 50 years back.

  15. @lankr1ta permalink
    January 29, 2009 4:36 am

    I wonder if the great defender of cultures do not wish women merely to be banned to the house. That would do the Great Indian Culture such good.

  16. Solilo permalink
    January 29, 2009 6:19 am

    “Progress doesn’t mean becoming male” and this comes from a woman?

    So progress means molesting girls and beating them up?

    As I said somewhere else, I have objection against these goons’ translucent langots and paan-chaboed teeth. Can we have our sena too to beat up these men? It is against our culture to moon people in langots.

  17. Indyeah permalink
    January 29, 2009 9:00 am

    Balvinder Sir:- :)You are most welcome!:)

    Usha Pisharody:-lol at the quack!I just grinned…even though its a serious situation:)

    But seriously,there was a time when people had party was either a BJP supporter or a Congress one or CPM and so on…
    In today’s scenario as you and Vinod sir say ,”it is indeed as if sometimes the two are in cahoots with each other!”
    What is one to do?and the media houses have their own private agendas /motives etc…so one doesnt really know what to believe and how much…
    but atleast in this case whether stage managed or not….whatever the purpose might have been,the reality is that girls were molested and beaten and that is so shameful and frightening..the ‘Cultural/moral brigade is putting fear in the heart fo Ordinary Indians…….

  18. Indyeah permalink
    January 29, 2009 9:07 am

    freespirit:-”In the end all of these women are asking for the right to live with dignity. They’re asking for equality.” BANG ON TARGET freespirit!
    This is the crux of the matter…a woman in some part of India might say ban liquor because of various personal/social reasons ,and in a city ,a woman might very well like to enjoy a quiet drink in a pub/hotel/bar…
    Both are citizens of Free India and both demand equality..there is absolutely no conflict here…Why are women always seen as this monolithic community is what I fail to understand…

    ” And even if they did choose to stay with their husbands it would be due to our regressive social norms, the same norms that these extremists define as culture and then exploit to their advantage.”
    Yes,yes and yes!!people dont understand this is not a CHOICE,its a majboori..
    Which woman would not like to atleast be free ,do what she wants.chooses/desires?
    You have said it all…when will the chauvinists understand this?

  19. Indyeah permalink
    January 29, 2009 9:18 am

    Vinod Sharma:-”It has to be done with sensitivity and in as non-disruptive a manner as possible. ”
    This is indeed the key point sir.
    They shouldnt feel or be made to feel that they are vulnerable or their culture is..
    the winds of change must come slowly…
    But meanwhile where the winds of change have come and are indeed blowing freely ,there this same society seeks to stuff all women in an airtight environment giving them absolutely no room to breathe…I really hope that 50 years down the line we are indeed at a different step ,one which is way higher than this…

    But in the meantime, abunch of hoodlums/fanatics seek to make us lose even that which we have gained..

    @lankrita:-yes,if they had their way this would indeed be the case..and I am also pretty sure that for all their ‘hatred ‘of the Muslim culture,somewhere deep inside they fantasise about keeping so -called ‘Hindu’ women under lock and key similar to the radical Islamic sects…

    They fail to understand that
    all of us are just women…..period…..we all want equal rights…and thats all…

    Solilo:-Yes,these are women who belong to political parties,the ones who come to houses with hands folded and begging for a vote and promising to bring change and equality…Politics does not spare anyone Solilo..all of them have blackened souls…

    ”As I said somewhere else, I have objection against these goons’ translucent langots and paan-chaboed teeth. Can we have our sena too to beat up these men? It is against our culture to moon people in langots.”

    😀 Oh please!I really pray!The image that comes to mind!!The A*******!! ”Men are men ”you see and therefore exempt from all paap and so called morality in this double standard society of ours…

  20. Ajit permalink
    January 29, 2009 11:16 am

    Hey Indyeah, (not going to call you Abhilasha)…. :D, LOL

    I have started praying to god…
    so that BJP does not win… Never…
    let Congress keep winning and let us all aid in that…. 😛

    The last few years actually has completely destroyed my views on the BJP!!

  21. Indian Home Maker permalink
    January 30, 2009 6:28 am

    Indyeah there is no doubt that they all only want votes, and will make any kinds of statements for that.
    The sad part is their statements- whatever they say- matters.

    I was seriously disheartened with Gehlot’s comment but you mention he later said he was misquoted – I hope he shuts up now!

    I can see that the Karnataka CM has no intentions of shutting up. I feel this BJP – being a conservative party is the worst thing to have happened to Indian women (or India’s social progress because they are completely entwined). I wrote a whole post on it, about how they first defended sati, then salwar kurta in schools, then banning of cell phones for girls in Bhopal – insecure parents agree whole heartedly, and although the media did make a racket most of the time, somehow our illiterate masses buy all this, religion, gender, region based discrimination….

    We are slipping back in time. It’s difficult to believe that they would go this far for votes, they have not yet condemned him and only enquiry one hears of going on is for his Malegaon connections …
    Nita said in her blog may be we should vote for younger and I would add preferably educated candidates, at least they move with times and hopefully most of them will NOT be so regressive.
    All the best to us.
    Omar Abdullah, Rahul Gandhi (despite the dynasty tag!), Milind Deore come to mind… none of them is likely to talk about how women should dress! (What an issue!)

  22. Indyeah permalink
    January 31, 2009 5:20 am

    Ajit:-lol!As you wish!:D

    I don’t go either way….
    simply because both of them are equally useless!Bjp is pathetic which makes the Congress look good…(andhon mein kaana raaja comes to mind)
    and the rest are namoonas by themselves….

    So lets see….a puppet PM or a Hindu fanatic?
    Yeah ,the first choice seems better..
    But I would rather wait..:)

    IHM:-Yes,IHM any party which seeks to make religion the main agenda is seriously dangerous…specially in India where religion is such an integral part of our lives…
    I read your post On was brilliant and very,very coherent ….

    The only hope as you point out lies with young leaders who will not be fanatical and will be modern and progressive in their thinking..

    Yes,these leaders despite a lot of ifs and buts seem any day better than the goondas the saffron parties are spawning by the dozen…
    votes do matter and we’ll make our votes count…

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