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Tagged once more…..:)

February 1, 2009

This time to narrate a story in pictures….:)

Usha Pisharody tagged me…..and showed me a side of herself too… which is warm and inviting and that of a beautiful,romantic soul..:)
She is a rockstar!In every sense of the word!:)

If Usha Pisharody said she had murdered the intent of the tag..:D then,I have re-set the question paper(oops):D tag to my own liking and all that is me..:D:D
Do forgive the more than one picture in places and the choices which are more than one(much more)..:D


A list of questions will be given.
You have to answer each question as best as you can with the help of only ONE *ahem* picture.(dont gape at me!I am human you know!):)

The rule goes thus-I’m supposed to be pasting an image for every answer of mine,from google image search,with minimal explanation.

Use as less words as possible.The picture should be able to do the explaining for you.

The questions are:-
1.Your age on your next birthday
2. A place you’d like to travel to
3. Your Favorite place
4. Your favorite food/drink
5. Your favorite pet
6. Your favorite color combination
7. Your favorite piece of clothing
8. Your all time favorite song
9. Your favorite TV show:
10. Full name of your significant other
11. The town in which you live
12. Your screen name/nickname:
13. Your first job
14. Your Dream Job
15: Bad Habit you have
16. Your worst fear:
17. The one thing you would like to do before you die
18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000

I added the 19th question which is

19.Your favourite credo in life.:)

YOu can of course take your own time for doing this tag or even not do it if you dont want to (why not?:P)
You can tag your own friends if you want to.:)

Umm….and do only use pictures and as less words as possible and as less pictures too *sigh* look whos talking…:)

SO here goes….

1.The age you will be on your next birthday


which is almost 6 months away….*whew*……..errr…….not that I count or anything….:D

2. A place you’d like to travel to


I have been there before and I yearn to go again.
Ladakh defies comprehension.It is all that is majestic.The mountains speak.all you can do is stand in sheer awe of all that is nature.The winds whistle at speeds that I have been unable to comprehend.It is a stark,stark landscape.Very less vegetation.
And yet there is something there that pulls you in.Go there once and you’ll never remain the same.

The gur-gur cha of Ladakh,the yak milk:),The Leh Palace,The Gompas(I remember Hemis Gompa:) ),the Jules(all of its people greet you with such cheerful Jules):),the prayerflags fluttering in the wind…..the prayer wheels in each gompa….
Its villagers who welcome you with open arms.Theie traditional dresses,the smiles despite the many hardships of climate,the sheer beauty that nature is capable of producing,the ice cold currents of the Indus.
Ladakh is a place for soul searching and looking for all that one has lost….

3. Your Favorite place

Any place where my loved ones are…..
”The family….We were a strange little band of characters trudging through life sharing diseases and toothpaste, coveting each other’s desserts, hiding shampoo, borrowing money, locking each other out of our rooms, inflicting pain and kissing to heal it in the same instant, loving, laughing, defending, and trying to figure out the common thread that bound us all together…”-Erma Bombeck

Did Erma write it for mine?:))

4. Your favorite food/drink

Chai was first grown for me…is what I think….They knew I would be their biggest customer 😀
Chai has memories associated too…so many…college gossip,chats with Ma,a chai with a book in a cosy corner on a winter afternoon….a chai in absolute blissful silence with ma ….., a chai with Pakoras on a rainy day..:):)


A Green Apple Soda/Martini
Because it’s tangy and refreshing and summery!:):)Try it!


DOSA!:) YUM!Yum!

This is a rare treat for a UPiite!
Ahem…I can have dosas day in and day out…24/7…which is why I have a friend from Kerala, who knows me since childhood and still can’t figure out the fascination….:D….The friend likes all things UP !So we trade usually!:D
The dosas for my ghujiyaas(sweets Made on Holi)

5. Your favorite pet

All animals really!
But since I have grown up around dogs,I can definitely vouch for them!:)
They really are all that is life and love..They define it.:)Trust me.
Doesn’t this picture tug at your heartstrings?:)

6. Your favorite color combination

Red for the passion.Its a colour full of life.:)It shouts of all that is life,all that is to be lived!Red orders you to go out and grab life !
White because it is such an innocent contrast to the red.It speaks of peace and calmness and beauty.
White whispers to you…”stop awhile and take this moment in.”

7. Your favorite piece of clothing

which is comfortable ,practical and sensible..:)


The saree/sari
Which is a beautiful,mesmerising garment!I love the saree for its simple grace.
That and the fact that B.Ed makes you either hate it or love it.I did the latter.:D(Usha will know what I mean!:D)

8. Your all time favorite song
*sigh* Please bear with me here….:)Please…pretty pleeeesae…*sigh*

Zindagi mere ghar aana from the movie Dooriyaan sung by Anuradha Paudwal and Bhupinder.:)
A beautiful song that’s all about life!It’s full of energy,postiveness and life!:)
It beckons life sings for life…come make yourself comfortable in my home will you?:)
This never fails to lift me.:)

Lady in red – Chris De Burgh
A beautiful,beautiful,romantic song….makes me want to dance..:)


Kenny Rogers – You decorated my life..See what I mean Usha?:)…peas in a pod and then some..:)
A soul stirring song…..
Listen to the song, if all of you haven’t already…:)and tell me if it didn’t touch you…:)

Doris Day – Que Sera Sera
The eternal song with the eternal questions and some very wise answers..:)

Enya – Only time
Powerful as hell!Moving…….
(Please do forgive the you tube uploader’s fascination with Legolas..:D)

Marc Cohn- One Safe Place
Simple and touching…Who hasn’t been on this search?Or still is…..?

Buffalo Springfield – For what its worth
Foot tapping,powerful and carrying a message that today applies to every country…
It raises questions,laments lives,makes you introspect…

Bhupen Hazarika- Ganga
a song that is inspired by a friend of Bhupen’s and his song.It touches the soul and makes your hair stand on end….the lament ,the questions are heartbreaking….

9. Your favorite TV show:


The Wire

Mahabharat the older version/serial on TV when I was growing up…usually dont watch much TV,but anything on India is welcome!:)very few good shows on tv these days..

10. Full name of your significant other

When you find my significant other, let me know too will you…?:)

Or we can have fun finding each other on our own…:)

11. The town/city in which you live in

New Delhi
Meri Dilli!(My Delhi!)
Or Saaddi Dilli as the Punjabis here say!:D
I love this city like it’s my own.And it is in so many ways..:)
This is not my hometown…and yet it is..!Have spent more than half my life here due to a string of coincidences..:)And this city never fails to fascinate.There are always new corners to explore,new people to meet:)

Connaught Place ,now renamed Rajiv Chowk,but it’ll always be CP for me:)

India Gate

Chandni Chowk(which means the Moonlit square):)Not anymore though its crowded now,but the charm remains the same..:)built and named thus during the time of the Mughals

Raisina Hill in all its splendour

12. Your screen name/nickname:

My first love….India has always fascinated… since I have been a kid..:)
I have collected books on India,movies,documentaries….you name it..:)
A beautiful fascination which helps me in my field of study(History)and in my profession too..:)

13. Your first job

Very reluctantly taken and with shaking knees…(Try teaching 14 year olds who refuse to take you seriously because you don’t look authoritative enough!):)
And then it was the very same children who sneaked their way into my heart and made me fall in love with them and all that came with them 🙂

14. Your Dream Job

Need I say more?:) I was born for this(and I say this in all humbleness:) )
The high it gives me,I doubt any other job can!Sometimes even close friends fail to understand. You have to do this for a while ,even for just a day to understand…!!Believe me,you will love it!
And it’s not a job really!It’s my passion now,and so it’s never WORK for me!:)

15: Bad Habit you have

All cartoons by Cathy Thorne

ummmm…….all of the above…….and being indecisive?:D

16. Your worst fear:

Losing a loved one…………

17. The one thing you would like to do before you die:

See one beautiful sunrise each, in all the states of India….:) (I think I definitely will be able to do this):)and when that’s done…maybe the world too?:)

18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000

Wildflower Hall Shimla. Why? Because even more than the location ,I fell in love with the name 🙂

19.Added my favourite credo of life🙂

This never fails to move me……what a miracle each life is!
Look how innocent and vulnerable we are…..I have never seen a baby this small….Ma has of course..:D…and she is still fascinated by this miracle..:)

Usha ,Thank you so much for tagging me!I absolutely loved it.It made me think a lot..:) and discover and find myself too in ways hat I didnt realize when i started out to do it..:)
Thank you.:):)

Now on to the task of passing this tag …or rather tagging people I would love to know more about!:)
Which immediately brings to mind two names ,IHM and Usha!

But Usha has completed this(and I loved that side of you:)and I am waiting and wishing for the dream to come true too) and Usha has tagged IHM so that takes care of that!:)
I am waiting so curiously and eagerly IHM!:)
Balvinder Sir has already been tagged so looking forward to that too..:)

So, I now tag some blogger friends about whom I would love to know more…:)

FIRST ONE is Solilo!
Because I seem to have a connection with her.Her ‘Abhi‘ always makes me smile!:)

Ajit :)The Ordinary guy’s mind seems fascinating..:)

Vinod Sir(If time permits of course!:) )

Smitha :)Whenever you come back from the holidays..:)

Gopinath Mavinkurve :)(would love to know what inspires all that humour)

Sagarone :)(whenever time permits)

Chirag 🙂 I know very little about you so this is a good opportunity:)

Ana Cristina:)( a peek into a fellow learner’s mind and one who is a new friend:) )

My Castle in Spain 🙂 (When time permits 🙂 )Would love to know where all that creativity comes from)

Anrosh :)(Whenever time permits):)

That subtle something (When you comeback:) )

Aren :)(whenever time permits)

Dhiren /Hitchwriter :)(whenever you come back from the holidays)

Kislay :)..would love to know what’s behind the ticking mind of this passionate,patriotic Indian..:)

The Indyana Diaries :)(Whenever time permits:) )

The Quirky Indian(If time permits Sir!:) )

Brook in the cityWhenever you log in:):)

A few whom I have recently discovered..would love it if you guys would do the tag…:)
That is..If….*sigh* ..Time permits of course..:D…Completely up to you guys..:)


Music for a while shall your cares beguile

Ramblings by Bones

Corrine Rodrigues(I love your everyday gyaan:) )

Quack Rites

The Mad Momma

Amjad Khan


memories today,moments tomorrow

Of cabbages and kings

The Naive Indian


In the end this is just a fun and interesting way to get to know the others more:)
If,however you are not comfortable with it,thats okay too.:)
We’ll still be friends…:D…lol!

I will be coming over to drop a message but meanwhile if you do happen to read this,please consider yourself tagged!:)

A thousand apologies to the soul who tagged me…Usha…:)..sorry for the ramble here and there…not to mention the ….ahem…’few’ pictures….:D
But then you know what a torture these conditions were don’t you?:D:D

PS:-Ma’am! * raising and waving her hand madly* ma’am! what do I get?I finished the homework so quickly!:D:D
I loved zee tag …:)
I am a brilliant ‘kid’ or what?:D
Thank you so much..:)

Not to mention *cough* *clears throat* I am very vella (read loitering around in general)these days…chutti time!:)

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  1. Chirag permalink
    February 2, 2009 12:13 am

    😀 this was a good and fun read, cool. Since my Dad is in army, I have lived in Ladakh for 2 years, when it as really really beautiful.

    Tag have taken, Thanks.

  2. Usha Pisharody permalink
    February 2, 2009 12:48 am

    Double Golden Star, I have stickers full of them :D!!

    And a pat on the back, an invisible hug :D!!

    One of my daughters says Hawaii, and here is Ladakh.. 🙂

    Which is so lovely!!! I get to visit both places when you guys go there.. :D!!

    Though I never asked, after the Story of India post, I knew which subject.. no two answers about that one!

    Erma Brombeck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Did I acutally see that name here? *Blink blink*… haven’t heard of another in all these years who spoke or knew of her name! Overjoyed! Loved all those writes by her.. esp “If LIfe is Bowl of Cherries, What am I doing in the Pits?”!!!

    And Lady in Red… Heck I forgot to add that one!!! I love the video and the Song!
    And Doris Day! Have you seen the film??
    And Bhupen Hazarika’s music, esp in Rudaali..[Dil hoom hoom kare..:)]

    Thank you for doing the full tag, as much as you could.

    I can see you had a blast 🙂 And tampering with the rules is allowed because I loved it too!!!

  3. Indyeah permalink
    February 2, 2009 1:04 am

    I had fun doing it too:)
    Army kid too!!IHM told me..:)
    LAdakh is beautiful isnt it?:)
    looking forward to your tag!

    Usha Pisharody:-(((hugsss)))first and foremost for giving me such a fun tag!:D
    I loved it!:)

    I am taking *ahem* all??ok.ok:)…some of the stickers:D

    I am dancing what with the pat and the hug!:)
    Hawaii and Ladakh!Awesome combination:)
    You will definitely see it:)

    lol@ the subject!:D

    Dont tell me*gapes*
    Erma Bombeck???Really?Are you like serious???
    Oh man!This is awesome!I read that one too!It was so cool and funny!:)

    Doris day the movie is an all time fav…

    lol at lady in red….* I knew your leo soul couldnt resist *:D

    IT was a fun tag!*me happy* *me finished all quick and all*

  4. Amjad Khan permalink
    February 2, 2009 1:11 am

    I dont understand this whole tagging thing. Pliz explain no 😦

  5. Kislay permalink
    February 2, 2009 1:15 am

    Thanks . Great way to end my blogging moratorium . Haven’t blogged in 3 weeks . So many thoughts bubbling in my head , but haven’t been able marshal them . Anyways , am I supposed to use pictures ?

  6. Indyeah permalink
    February 2, 2009 1:19 am

    Amjad and Kislay:_I will just write it clearly at the end for both of you.
    Kislay yes,pictures…:):)
    wait a bit!
    LOL @ the Moratorium Kislay!:D

  7. Usha Pisharody permalink
    February 2, 2009 1:19 am

    Just read this..


  8. Indyeah permalink
    February 2, 2009 1:33 am

    Usha:-just read it …what fun…
    I was rofl…
    what a post!:D
    Loved it and thank you for that awesome link!:D

  9. Vinod_Sharma permalink
    February 2, 2009 1:37 am

    Abhilasha, I don’t do tags on India retold…so let me say a few things as ‘honestly’ as I can, at least a few of them!

    Next birthday, I will be all of 18. The one place I would like to travel to is Laloo Yadav’s birthplace to see “is mitti mein hai kya?”

    Favourite drink is Lassi, food- chana bhatura, pet – my dog who died three years back, colour -white, clothing – langot, song -dhhere se jaana khatiyan mein, TV show – We the People, full name of significant other – do you know Russian?, town I live in – was once a village, nickname – my email, dream job – where others work and I dream, bad habit – can’t count, worst fear – becoming 19, one thing to do before I die – there are too many, first thing I will do with $1000000? That is too small an amount to do anything with, credo – now you got me thinking!

  10. Indyeah permalink
    February 2, 2009 1:40 am

    Vinod Sir:-:D
    I thought so too…hence the time part!
    I knew India Retold is not about tags..:D
    Thank you for sharing here..:)
    lol @18 part..:)

  11. Solilo permalink
    February 2, 2009 5:48 am

    Abhi..Abhi..Abhi :)):))

    Beautiful tag and what’s this you say one picture and then I see a picture cloud. 😀 *cheating*

    That color combo is one of my fav. too. Red-White and the flowers.

    Lets plan Ladakh trip together. I would love to go there too. And songs Que sara is a childhood fav.

    And what’s this I see. Next to everyone’s name you say ‘when time permits’ and nothing next to mine. *Throws a fit* You don’t value my time *:(( :((*

    :)):)):)) I have an awards post coming up will add tag too.

  12. Ajit permalink
    February 2, 2009 6:30 am

    Good one… Indyeah….
    yeah, I wanna visit Ladakh too now 😀
    and i also wanna try green apple soda martini… (long name) 🙂

    and yes, Tag taken… and thanks for the other link on cooking….
    will use those tips… :)):))

  13. Goofy Mumma permalink
    February 2, 2009 6:45 am

    Hi, I did this tag a while back., though not as nicely as you, you are wonderfully creative lady.

  14. Usha Pisharody permalink
    February 2, 2009 7:14 am

    A Quest’s update is not showing here 😦 *sniff*

  15. Indyeah permalink
    February 2, 2009 7:45 am

    Solilo:-:D *huge grin*
    lol@cheating….*this tagger(?)teacher/educatonist gives you the official permission to cheat to your heart’s content!:)
    Just express yourself!Thats the aim:)
    yeah red and white:):)Similar!:):)

    Ladakh is an awesome place:)yeah lets…:)
    about the time thing!Didnt write it with so many people!:)
    coz I knew you all will atke your own sweet time:D…so there was no point in writing…:)
    wrote it ony for those who might never have done a tag before and might consider this to be done immediately:)

    Not you Solilo:)
    You can take your own sweet time…and after that ahem*genius work ….*applause*please proceed leisurely..:)
    will be waiting eagerly to see yours:)

    Ajit:-Thank you….:)
    though I bent /broke the rules a lot 😀

    its either green apple soda or green apple martini.:)both are nice

    Ladakh is worth visiting…check out hitch writers photo blog too:)
    will be waiting for your tag:)

    yeah that girl writes really well na?

    Goofy Mumma:-OH!didnt realize that!:)will be peeking in a bit.:)
    and thanks a lot!:)

    Usha Pisharody:-Precisely why I love your spirit:)
    coz you tell me..:)and the delay is always my loss..

    There*there*no more crying*

    stupid*stupid blog*

    am hopping over now:)

  16. Pangala Nagendra Rao permalink
    February 2, 2009 7:57 am

    Thank you for tagging me!!
    Well, I won’t have such patience to look for pictures as well I won’t show up such things in my current blog. Any how, I could answer them in words (changing the rules!!), know?!
    1.I’ll be 1 year + silver jubilee of my birth in next birthday
    2.I’d like to travel to Kashmir, Assam. Not only to feel the beauty but also to see and feel how human beings had made such beautiful place hell on earth!
    3.My birth place!! i.e. Pangala (My Profile Photo!!) where I got all the ideals, ways to lead my life so perfectly!!
    4.Any vegitarian food is what I wish to get into my energy!!
    5.Tiger, I think it is not pet!!!
    7.White Shirt and Dhoti
    8.From my heart i sing “Mere range de basanthi chola”
    9.I watch TV mainly for news, Discovery Channel Engineering TV Shows
    10.err!!,Question not understood!!
    11.Currently on Project at “Sanskari Nagar” Vadodara City,
    13.Prod to mechanical Engineer as Production Supervisor
    14.To be a job provider to one who deserves!
    15.To be different always!!
    16.Dying without passing values to my next generation of humanity
    17.I suppose, I have answered this!!
    18.Currently I invest on my bio diesel project!!
    19. “Never Never Give Up”

  17. Indyeah permalink
    February 2, 2009 9:04 am

    Pangala Nagendra Rao:-:)Thank you so much for sharing and for being so honest!:)
    Your list is really unique…from the rainbow to the tiger..

    I liked the patriotic passion that shines through in your answers..:)

    The 17th question was about a significant other which means a wife or a girlfriend if you are not married yet..:)
    these kind of tags once in a while help all of us to know the other unseen blogger /friend beter:)

    Thank you for being so patient and prompt with your tag:)

  18. Indyeah permalink
    February 2, 2009 9:05 am

    Pangala Nagendra Rao:-and oh! your credo is the best one yet!:)

  19. freespirit permalink
    February 2, 2009 10:11 am

    Thanks for your tag. Have been a bit busy lately but will do it ASAP! Loved yours…the pics were amazing! 🙂

  20. Ana Cristina permalink
    February 2, 2009 11:54 am

    I have tried dosa and really, really like it! Oh, and the boyf loves chai tea. 🙂

    I love your list!

  21. Indyana permalink
    February 2, 2009 3:41 pm

    oooh! this seems so much fun! Will get down to it after sorting out the pix! 🙂

  22. roop permalink
    February 2, 2009 4:22 pm

    gosh u made me crave for an apple martini just now!! 😛 andi am on antibiotics!!

    this was a refreshing read! 🙂 hope u get to go to ladakh soon.

  23. Vikram permalink
    February 2, 2009 4:24 pm

    A bit busy now that the semester has started, but I will have this ready soon. Thanks for tagging. 🙂

  24. Quirky Indian permalink
    February 2, 2009 5:57 pm

    Thanks for the tag….I’ll take a leaf out of Vinod’s book and try to answer the questions here…..sometime later. 🙂


    Quirky Indian

  25. Pangala Nagendra Rao permalink
    February 2, 2009 6:28 pm

    Thanks for comments.
    17th Question I can’t answer as I don’t have both and right now I don’t wish to have them also 🙂

    To be honest, it was long time where I look into myself. Thanks again for making me look into myself!! It’s really amazing! Well, Keep going

  26. Corinne Rodrigues permalink
    February 2, 2009 7:17 pm

    Oh wow…..enjoyed this one…a tad difficult for me, though I promise to give it a shot…soon..promise!


  27. hitch writer permalink
    February 2, 2009 9:09 pm

    I am back from my holidays and cant wait to do this, hope to finish it today !!!!

    LADAKH !! yea i m gonna go this year for sure… mah friends been there thrice now,…. i got them to sharing the pics on the photoblog and coaxed them into the bloggging world…

    Its a must visit place as you will realise once they share more and more pics…

  28. packofjellybeans permalink
    February 2, 2009 9:31 pm

    Hi Indyeah! I loved this post of yours. The idea is just tooo great. I have’nt been tagged, but can I please do a same one for myself. New to blogging, have no idea if its ok to copy.

  29. Indyeah permalink
    February 2, 2009 11:30 pm

    Freespirit:-You are most welcome!:)
    Would love to see yours…and thanks!:))

    Ana:-Thank you:)Dosas are yum arent they?and chai?Bliss!!you BF is one smart guy!;)

    Indyana:-am soo looking forward to yours!:)
    you will have fun trust me!:)

    Roop:-:D heh!heh!umm have one later after the antibiotics finish ok?:)
    and as I said you are tagged!:)

    Vikram:-sure anytime you can do it…whenevr its convenient..
    you are welcome!:)

    Quirly Indian:-*sigh*thought so:)
    no worries…anytime you would like to!:)

    Pangala Narendra Rao:-You are welcome!:)I had fun too…reading your tag and connecting them with what you write!it is insightful in many ways..:)

    Corrine Rodrigues:-Thanks:):)anytime you can….its fun I promise!:)((hugs))

    Hitchwriter:-I just read yours and you were so darn prompt!*whew*

    😀 and I loved reading yours not to mention commented my heart out!:D

    yeah ladakh is an awesome awesome place!
    the pics on your photoblog are amazing!looking forward to more!

    Packofjellybeans:-Sure!:)I would love it if you do it too!
    whats to ask!?tag yourself and start off!:D
    you will love it!once in a while a light thing like this works wonders for the mood!:)
    good luck!:)

  30. hitch writer permalink
    February 3, 2009 1:19 am

    I have been doing tooo much to be commenting…

    Oh yea that hotel is wonderful wild flower hall…. I would like to stay there tooo some day…

    Sunrise in each state, that is interesting… really.

    Teaching can be so much fun, my mom is a teacher and my wife was… they both enjoyed it a lot !

  31. nimis540 permalink
    February 3, 2009 2:46 am

    :)Indeed interesting..Good to know you..I am familiar with your thoughts thru comments on IHM’s blog,and have visited here earlier too..You have a great blog,with great thoughts..Keep writing,i will be reading 🙂

    Good day

  32. Indyeah permalink
    February 3, 2009 7:54 am

    Hitchwriter:-:D…oh I made you feel guilty did I?:D *evil grin*
    Thank you I love all these places!
    How nice of you to come back again!:)
    didnt know that!your mom and wife both?awesome!:)
    yeah its really enjoyable!:)

    Nimis540:-How amazing of you to say all of that and so honestly!:)

    Pleasantly surprised!:)very pleasant
    I have hopped over to yours too from time to time!:D
    I like it too!
    Thank you so much!:)!
    please do keep reading!:)

  33. Sashu... permalink
    February 3, 2009 5:20 pm

    Absolutely loved this post! its so warm and wonderfully written!! 🙂

    blog rolling you!! 🙂

  34. Indyeah permalink
    February 3, 2009 8:22 pm

    Sashu:-Thank you so much!:)
    and I finally get to meet the Daughter:):)
    Your Ma talks a lot about you and about Hawaii!:)
    thank you sweetheart!:)

  35. abhishek permalink
    February 4, 2009 1:29 am

    i love house as well…king of witty/sarcastic lines

  36. Kislay permalink
    February 4, 2009 2:26 am

    I must say that I absolutely loved all your favourite songs . I had not heard all but two . Thank you .

  37. Indyeah permalink
    February 4, 2009 6:32 am

    Abhishek:-Yes,He is good isn’t he?:)
    his sarcasm is brilliant!
    hard to believe he’s the same guy in that animated movie about a *boy mouse*(forgotten the name)…and has also appeared in an episode of friends…

    The Wire’s good too…Generation Kill is another

    Kislay:-You are most welcome…oved sharing them..:)They are nice aren’t they?:)
    specially the one by Buffalo Springfield came as a complete surprise to me too,when I first heard it..
    Thank YOU for letting me know..:)

  38. J P Joshi permalink
    February 12, 2009 6:38 am

    Came here from Overdrive, on a suggestion from Usha Pisharody, as given in her comment. I am to do this tag too and wanted to get to know how much effort is involved. Frankly, enjoyed reading your answers and specially the last one……. very sensitive. On the whole enjoyed the experience and will thus attempt my tag too.

  39. Bones permalink
    February 14, 2009 4:59 pm

    Thanks for the tag…Sorry for not doing it…I started it but just couldn’t find good pictures especially for the first question…Will work on it and post it soon…

  40. Smitha permalink
    March 16, 2009 5:41 am

    Indyeah! Realiized after ages that I had forgotten to pick up your tag 😦 Apologies – will do it for sure – when is the only question 🙂

  41. Rebel permalink
    April 30, 2009 9:16 am

    “a song that is inspired by a friend of Bhupen’s and his song.It touches the soul and makes your hair stand on end….the lament ,the questions are heartbreaking….”

    One small thing I would like to point out , for “touches the soul” you have linked to Bhupender Singh’s page whereas the singer of the Ganga song is Bhupen Hazarika 🙂

    me-the name of the blogauthor is Bhupender Singh but he has written about Bhupen Hazarika and Paul Robeson and their friendship 🙂
    do read about their friendship and how bhupen da was inspired by the original song 🙂

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