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The pink dilemna..:D

February 11, 2009

Picture courtesy…

Picture courtesy
All for love ….:)

The Pink Chaddi Campaign.Who is not aware of it by now?And by’ who’, I mean the so called(BY some people) ‘elite’ women and men of India,the ones living in the cities,the ones who are loose and go to the pub,the ones who are ‘supposedly’ ‘disconnected’ with the rest of India.Why this emphasis on elite and other terms?
Well….because some sides would have us believe that this campaign does not fight for ALL the women of India.That it is merely a very undignified,’out to grab eyeballs’ kind of a campaign ,one which only seeks media attention.That it will further widen the rift between the rural and the urban.


(Can I also tell you how far some people will go in their absurdity and protest to the pink chaddi campaign? Some people have started a pink condom campaign, but becasue they are so pitiable I will not provide a link for them:D .)THIS WHOLE POST IS FOR THOSE WHO ARE BEHIND THIS STUPID AND NEED I SAY PATHETIC ‘campaign’.The pink condom guys can go take a hike!

This is what those pathetic minds say,”The Pink Chaddi walas claim themselves to be pubgoing, loose and forward – a condom will help them maintain being that.’

LOL!!ever heard of sarcasm buddy?

First let me say that whoever came up with the name of the pink chaddi campaign and the logo was a brilliant mind.A logo that is catchy,grabs attention and is instantly recognizable…what more could a campaign want?And so this has been achieved.The campaign is all over the net,all over TV,splashed in major dailies of India.So far so good.The women and men associated with the campaign have been quite successful till now(and one hopes will be further too)

A blogger friend Alankrita says ”Is the underlying idea that real Indian women neither go to pubs, nor wear panties, nor protest the same way? Or do they have other issues. Because in this “panties protest” I only see a taking on the patriarchy- something which impacts every section of society.I agree that through Facebook and other networking sites, this campaign has become exponentially viral, and has got a lot of media coverage. But indeed, is the idea behind it elite? Or have the elite stopped being Indian citizens? ”

She hits the bullseye the very first time!

How is sending Chaddies or underwear undignified?Are women being told ,in a very subtle manner of course that this is not the way to go?Are we again being told to ,nay almost dictated to , to ‘ do’ things in a particular way? Who is telling us?What about us?Are we the so called’ elite’ women not a part of India?Women who were in a pub were assaulted right?SO women who frequent those pubs are responding.Where is the confusion here?

The idea of sending underwear that too pink ones as Alankrita says,are all about humiliation.”Panties are a piece of underwear. Pink ones decidedly feminine. And sending underwear to anyone is a protest.”

For some who ask whether rural women wear underwear,let me say simply this.The fact that rural women do not wear underwear is not a cause to be celebrated or thrown in our faces .In fact what a woman goes through in the absence of proper undergarments,and without sanitary pads is something only a woman can understand.

Tomorrow the argument will be given that everything from bras to panties to sanitary pads are not used by rural women and hence these are western or victorian and hence WE ,the supposedly elite western educated women are disconnected and living in a fool’s paradise.I am sorry,but my and OUR personal and collective goal is to make sure ,that rural women too get these ‘BASIC’ things in life.Undergarments are NEEDED.BRAS AND PANTIES ARE A BASIC REQUIREMENT OF LIFE FOR WOMEN.

I can only shake my head at the absurdity of it all .
Women in rural India do not wear this and hence women do not need this? ???
MY god THats absurd!!!

Give us a few moments with our rural sisters and we will show you how much they love this idea of undergarments and of sanitary pads.

Women in rural India do not wear all this quite simply because their comforts do not come to anyone’s mind.They are chattel to be cornered ,their skirts,ghagras whatever thrown up and used at will.

UNLESS you are a woman and know what we go through,please do not tell us what we whether in urban or rural India go through.A man is qualified to judge neither.

Also to call it panties ,instead of chaddies as the original campaign does, takes away something from the issue.It dilutes the point we seek to put across.IF you have to call it something,please call it lingerie….thats what we call it…panties are passe…Lingerie…doesnt get more phoren than that does it?:)Please call us as phoren as you want to.

Another blogger friend speaks very passionately on why the campaign is a good idea…Anrosh says,”The” battle of and for freedom never was and never will be a sensible or rational . It makes the most comfortable person in the most comfortable chair get up and get a gasp of air. ”

Absolutely true!HOw and why are WE expected to behave rationally when those who are the perpetrators are lunatics who seem to have escaped from an asylum?When their actions border on the insane?

Why are we being told ever so subtly to do things in a dignified manner?ARe we the upholders of izzat once more?Are we the moral guardians who will put India to shame by this action of ours?
Kaalikh potna as they say in hindi?


Another argument wass that Muthalik and Co. will be rubbing their hands in glee and thinking lechorous thoughts.OH really!Thank you for letting us know.And here we were thinking the poor guy was a saint!

When The hoodlums were dragging out girls and beating them up and molesting them ,were pious thoughts going through their mind?Why should we now worry about what that B********* thinks ?

This is about us and what we think.]This is not our response keeping that scum’s feelings in mind or whether he may or may not think lechorous thoughts.

In a country where women are visually undressed and raped visually in everybus,in every public place,at every nukkad and chauraha,let me tell you that we dont give a damn about what Muhalik and Co think.We know.Trust me,NO ONE knows better than us .

Can I give you an example?.When in rural India, women send a bunch of ‘choodis'(bangles)to a man they detest, it is a symbolic protest.They are aware that bangles are not docile or feminine,they know that they, the women have strength unlike any man….and yet they send the choodis to the man to make him feel humiliated to make him feel inferior.Choodiyaan ,they symbolize the ultimate humiliation for a man in India and question his err…manhood….He is as good as called an impotent.That is the message sent by rural women.

Now if I take this logic of urban and rural,of how rural women do not wear panties let me say that urban women do not wear choodis atleast not the glass bangles…not as a part of everyday life….and yet we do not say ,neither do WE allow anyone to say that our rural sisters are doing anything wrong.We know that they are doing the best they can with what they have at hand.And so it is with us too.PLEASE DO NOT drive this wedge between urban and rural women.We are all women of INDIA .Period.We both fight our battles with the weapons at hand.WE fight so we can take a step forward and so that our sisters too can take a step forward.

I assure everyone that we are not cattle or brainless fools being swept along in this campaign.
WE have decided to try every trick in the book.
WE will have peaceful protests and dharnas and the very same women who are participating in the dharnas are also sending their pink undergarments to Muthalik.Hey!whatever works in this crazy country of ours!

So please excuse us.We have work to do.The intellectual debates can come later.:)

I love the support that we are being given,but please dont let the support be bound in conditions and restrictions.Please stand with us shoulder to shoulder throughout.
The generation gap is huge and there is a disconnect I know.But my father who is embarassed at anything to do with lingerie stands with me on this issue .Protests or Pink chaddies or pink anything, go get em,! he says:)
And that makes it so much more encouraging!

Picture courtesy
WE will give you a fight to remember SRS!

And for those of you who want to read of some Muthalik and Co rhymes ,all in pinkie pink ink,go HERE,IHM makes it all come together..:)
Usha has given a call for pink ink here…and Solilo is producing a pink crusader movie:D

Picture courtesy…/traitors_to_america/

Picture courtesy

And in the end remember REAL MEN WEAR PINK! 😀

For the location and details of the DElhi march,go HERE


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  1. nimis540 permalink
    February 11, 2009 10:04 pm

    Bravo Indyeah..More pink all our way..

    I am little busy now,so i am sharing the comment i gave on Vinod-ji’s blog…

    Can anybody tell me “What makes urban women less indians’..Is it urban women’a fault that they got educated and a job and got empowered to say solid ‘YES’ and ‘NO’..By sidelining this as minority urban women’s issue and by spreading rumours that this is funded by west,they sickos are achiveing their goal-add fuel to the stereotype of urban women-that they are women who wear just panties or os on streets and spent their liseure time having sex with infinite males and drink alchocol 24/7..Maybe they want educated and empowered bold women to go back to dark agas,the way majority indian women are,as to preseve indian culture..My stnad on PCC is to fear not,move forward,for the majority oppressed women will get some courage by these acts.If they sent saris in return to chaddis,we will make a different underwear out of them and sent it out back to them…

    It seems as majority is upset bcoz this may promote more women to wear panties thereby hindering ‘freedom’ and easy access to men..disgusting ..And more interestingly,,the pinkcondom campaign tells what these guys stand for-they cannot think of anything beyond upholding indian culture..

    p.s. :Wanted to ask earlier-where did the statistics that “80% of indian women don’t wear panties” come from??

    As like Indyeah,i was not in favour of PCC,but now i supprt them,bcoz the majority are as disgusting as chaddis

    :In any case, a group pf women who happily say that they are ‘loose’ and also send their pink panties, would know that men will mentally view their panties in many different ways.”…lol…It explains well why women walking onroads are scanned through x-ray eyes of men standing by the side…Typical indian mentality…All these people should be enroleld in Osho’s


    Acutually i wanted to submit this comment on @lankrita’s post,but wordpress and blogger was in vold war then,and inspite of trying many times,i was not able to comment..grrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Solilo permalink
    February 11, 2009 10:27 pm

    Abhi, I have posted on couple of the blogs opposing this campaign and now I have lost it.

    I don’t understand what they are opposing?

    Are they against chaddi?
    Are they against color Pink?
    Are they against women speaking up?
    Are they against a peace protest?

    What is it? Why so much anger against this cause?

    How long will women hide their panties, sanitary napkins and birth control pills? Why are we such hypocrites?

    Some are asking for a dialogue with Muthalik. SERIOUSLY! a dialogue with a violent lunatic? Would they support domestic violence too? Because when a husband beats up wife there too they might advocate dialogue. Peace and all that jazz…Aaah! it is only shameful if women speak up.

    So Pink Condom campaigners and your kind! go take a hike. At least we are only sending chaddis not goons to your houses to beat up female members of your house.

    I posted this link on my latest post.

  3. Solilo permalink
    February 11, 2009 10:30 pm

    Nimmy and Indy, I was also not in support of it and had reservations hence didn’t put the logo but only a link.

    But seeing the angst and Muthalik suddenly wanting to have a dialogue, I know Pink chaddi worked.

    I am for anything peaceful if it has in it to work.

  4. Indyeah permalink
    February 11, 2009 10:47 pm

    Nimmy:-Yes,I do not understand this divide an imaginative one between women..
    the fight is about something different and it is being made out to be something different..

    I yesterday went to the pink condom site after IHM provided the link….and it was disgusting and pathetic!

    This whole post is a response to that!the pink condom campaign!
    The comments there were sick!

    yes,I too like you and Solilo was not entirely comfy with this idea….but now that I see all the ‘hush hush’ ‘keep it dignified’ over the issue,I became mad!
    We are not doing anything disgusting or wrong..
    people who think like this have lecherous minds…

    ”the pinkcondom campaign tells what these guys stand for-they cannot think of anything beyond condoms..”
    yeah LOL!

    SOlilo:-Yeah understand where you are coming from..:)

    ”How long will women hide their panties, sanitary napkins and birth control pills? Why are we such hypocrites? ”exactly,does India’s population increase by itself?
    *sigh*I dont know…its just so frustrating to see such campaigns…by people who cant think of anything better..

    ”At least we are only sending chaddis not goons to your houses to beat up female members of your house.”:)yeah true!

    I am for anything peaceful too:)
    thanks for the link((hugs))

  5. Balvinder Singh permalink
    February 12, 2009 1:11 am

    Abhilasha, i agree with you 100%. whatever be the symbolic object being sent to Mr. Mutalik and his likes, the campaign is bearing fruit as he has decided not to raise any protests on the valentine’s day. I think the ladies have made their mark by launching their Pink campaign and the choice of the colour coundn’t be better.

  6. Usha Pisharody permalink
    February 12, 2009 1:30 am

    I agree entirely, Indy gurl.. 🙂 And yet again I am struck by the intensity and passion of your committment and deep love of doing the right thing, the courage of your conviction, as also with so many other bloggers in arms, who are rallying around to make this year’s Val Day an occasion where we reclaim choices and render violence futile.

    I only hope and pray and that each of these ways and means to assert oneself, does make a difference in the thinking, in the society at large too!

    And not to put too fine a point to it, is what you articulate so beautifully here :
    “In a country where women are visually undressed and raped visually in everybus,in every public place,at every nukkad and chauraha,let me tell you that we dont give a damn about what Muhalik and Co think.We know.Trust me,NO ONE knows better than us .”

    Right! Right again, and each time you drive home that point!

    Proud of you! Go get ’em Meg:)

  7. February 12, 2009 2:39 am

    why the hell are people differentiating between rural and urban.
    I Just read this:
    Its so shocking..
    Its a WOMAN who has gone through all this mental torture. Anyone dare ask if she was rural or urban?

  8. February 12, 2009 2:43 am

    Indyeah: Liked your comparison of pink chaddis to chudis. Both symbolise the same thing.

  9. @lankr1ta permalink
    February 12, 2009 3:52 am

    Excellent write up and pictures. I am really tired of the implication that somehow the English speaking educated “elite” cannot b the “real” people. To me it smacks of moral relativism. It is like condoning misogyny in the name of tradition- a lot of which is done by the so called bastions of tradition. I think public humiliation is an excellent tool for the likes of these people. Dialog- no we cannot speak to them- because it is not grounds for dialog- they closed he door the day they beat up those people. The attention this campaign has gathered in so short a time is excellent too- I hope it keeps up the momentum and really helps create dialog about what women feel, and how they are treated in society. Maybe it is our indigenous movement.
    And as far as I remember the Feminist movement in the West(as a loose, pub goer, and “western” elite, I do take good ides from everywhere I can get them) also started amongst the “elite” and trickled down- helped by the Rosie the Riveters in the World War- that is the way things usually start.

  10. Biju Mathews permalink
    February 12, 2009 5:22 am

    Strength should be the mantra. Do whatever it takes to make this a success. Every man who has a Mother, Wife or a Sister understand women and their problems. Shower “pink” everywhere. If someone could also paint Muthalik’s house pink while he’s away marrying off couples, it would be great 🙂

  11. the twentysecondline permalink
    February 12, 2009 1:06 pm

    let the opposers stand aside.

    And the media who is saying, elite, rural, urban, educated or not playing the old mantra ” “divide and rule ”


    Biju Mathews: way to go !


  12. Anrosh permalink
    February 12, 2009 5:45 pm

    N,; here is the corrected version.

    And the media who is saying, elite, rural, urban, educated is playing the old mantra ” “divide and rule ”

    indyeah.. keep it going..

  13. Indyeah permalink
    February 12, 2009 6:16 pm

    just a quick comment for Anrosh:)
    The twenty second line:-Anrosh just had to say this..
    ”let the opposers stand aside.”and for THAT clear cut belief you rock!

    The whole point of those who oppose is to make women question themselves ,”is this dignified ,is this right?AM I being humiliated?What about my dignity?”
    well…looks like they have succeeded…
    women’s dignity goes for a toss in India every two seconds and sending pink chaddies has nothing to do with it..
    that line up there ‘stand aside ‘says it all for me..

  14. Indyeah permalink
    February 12, 2009 6:39 pm

    Balvinder Sir,Biju,N,USha:),@lankrita thank you for all the wishes…:)will be back later to comment in detail:)

  15. Does it matter permalink
    February 12, 2009 10:23 pm

    Divide and rule, and other games people play… Here is the Owner for each specific "play" being played out in the country.

    Rich versus poor – owner, Congress (aam aadmi)

    Marathi versus outsiders – Raj Thakre

    Marathis & Hindus versus others – Bal Thakre

    Hindus versus others – BJP

    Dalits versus Others – Mayawati

    Muslims, and anyone else who can be fooled – Samajwadi party & Mulayam

    Yadavs versus others – Laloo

    Now, as you have seen, most positions and 'plays' have already been made.

    What does a joker like Muthalik do now? So he tries all of the following –

    Pub going folks versus others
    Women versus others
    Urban women versus others

    And each one of this backfires on him, poor soul.

    I think all of this debate is futile.

    What we need to do is to solve this chap's problem. He needs a good, unique, vote grabbing plank.

    Give him one, and see him shut his trap up.

  16. That Subtle Something... permalink
    February 13, 2009 12:12 am

    Do you know how much I love the way, you write things, or rather….the way you think .. :)… your words come so straight.. never misses the target..simply marvellous!!

  17. That Subtle Something... permalink
    February 13, 2009 12:38 am

    Do you know how much I love the way, you write…. or rather..the way you think.:).. it comes straight..never misses the target..simply marvellous.:)

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