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July 19, 2012

the letter she wrote to him

the carpet for their new home

the wines they collected

the crystal bowl in a place of pride

the saree she wore for their engagement

the kashmiri achkan he gifted her

 the quotes on marriage that made them laugh

the collage she gifted on their first valentine

the beautiful sarees her mother gave

the old, old dictionary her father gifted

legacies……..passed on to the next generation



the handicrafts she collected

knick knacks from here and there

the jewellery she splurged on

an antique kettle

 a beautiful tangkha

 a dragon most fierce




the home they built together

fighting, laughing, loving


in minutes it was gone they say…..

burnt to ashes…



and so much more..

a home they dreamt of together….




Look at me…

Can you see the memories we have to build?

A lifetime of them.

She looks at him.





And two kids trying to take baby steps….

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