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Indyeah. All that I am. Was. Will be.

October 23, 2013

I received a mail today. From a dear friend. Why are you not blogging? Don’t you miss blogging? Don’t you miss this world of words and thoughts ? Why don’t you ever open your mails?

I do. I miss blogging. I miss writing down all that I wanted to. I miss participating in discussions that would make me think and then think again.

And today as I looked at comments from the past year, I realised how much I miss all of you. These two (three?) years have passed by in a flash.

There’s a contentment that comes from being at peace with life. From meeting your soulmate. From knowing that this right here is bliss and not wanting to miss even a moment of it.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a fire in the belly. There is that angst at so many wrongs that are happening around us. But for now it’s all sunshine and moonbeams and starlight, star bright…. You get the picture.:)

I am trying to find my footing in this new role that life has given me. One of my own choosing.. It’s tougher than it looked.

I have realised that diplomacy is so not my forte.

I have realised that I am losing patience with those who are spending their life sucking upto those in power.

That I have a slightly tougher time trusting people now. So many say it’s a part of growing up. These doubts. The whys and hows. The ifs and buts.  But who said I wanted to grow up?

Realised that I have absolutely no patience nor any sympathy for those who sit on the fence. Whose concept of self respect changes based on who is in charge.

I have realised that the more I cheese off those who call the shots, the more satisfied I feel for having stood up for myself.

That people judge you based on your ‘look’ on a particular day. More so if that is your ‘first impression’. I have tried this experiment and been disillusioned slightly (temporarily) by the superficiality of it all.  Carried the experiment for a week and saw how differently people treated me.(more on that later. *sigh* )

I have realised that I am not okay with wrongs/superstitions that are being passed off as half truths (and sometimes complete ones). That I have reached my own beliefs in life. But I have reached them. On my own. That is the key word.

I have realised that I am an ambivert who can drive people nuts with my diplomacy and sledgehammer approach.

I will come back. More regularly. This I know. For writing. For meeting so many of you all over again.:)


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