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December 28, 2013

Words are beautiful. Sometimes ugly.  Brutal if need be. But mostly beautiful.

For those who know how to use them right.

Pure. Rich. Necessary. Words in any language.

But when a language and its proud owners wear the elite cloak on some days, nose high up in the air, refusing to look down on mere mortals, sniggering behind the backs of those who struggle to express themselves in precisely the way they would like them to.

No, I am not just talking of the bard’s tongue. But yes, that too.

The snide smiles. The condescending words. The patronizing remarks.

I am standing right here, remember this.

That person may not, but I will rip you apart.

Remember that. Word for word. Line by line. Each sentence burnt beyond recognition. Memories fading into oblivion.

The inability to express one’s thoughts in a poetical, lyrical manner is not the speaker’s problem. It is yours.

And truth be told, I distrust anyone who waxes all poetical about things most mudane. Every single  moment. Every darn day.

Because some you see, have to get work done. The way they know best.

Straightforwardly. Without complexities. Without the ‘big’ words.

That is one of the biggest reasons this world has survived. Is surviving.

They may have more experience than you could ever imagine. More joys and more sorrows than you could ever hope to gather in a lifetime.

More sense than god ever granted you.

They have their own way of expressing it.

Bigger, more beautiful words don’t make you ‘better’ than others. They just disguise who you are depending on how  you choose to use them.

And you tainted the words, no matter how beautiful, the moment you used them as a tool to look down upon others less vocal than you.

Doing that just makes you look like an arse of the highest order.

Remember that the next time you snigger.

Anyone with the power to make words do his/her bidding is a healer. And if you have been given this power, use it. Don’t misuse it.

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