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For you…

June 18, 2015

Written about 4 years back.:D

Hello little one.
This is supposed to be my letter to you.
Your mom is in love with words and shares them with all her loved ones. (24×7 as your dad will tell you with a fake sigh 😀 )

I am writing this letter on a day when I have had a fight with your dad. A tiff really. An argument. Okay a small difference of opinion. (call it what you will , he says …you are still acting like a kid )


I am missing him. He is probably lost under tons of office work or doing what he does best. Flying.

So to take off my mind from how densely obtuse your dad and the love of my life can be, I thought I will write this letter to you.
Well..its a pretty early letter and all (won’t tell you the date or you will die laughing at your silly mom’s eagerness)

A baby. What a huge gift and a huge responsibility. Your dad and I still act like immature adults. Like kids really.

We fight for chocolate (the man doesn’t put on any weight I tell you! ) and about who should get up and get that ringing cell from the farthest corner of the room.
Many other things too…you will know for yourself. You have no idea whats in store for you. Its a madhouse. Your dad is a kid at heart. And I love him for it.

Anyway…so I and your dad are hoping for a daughter. Well.. we are hoping for a healthy baby. But I am kinda leaning towards a daughter you know.

Teeny weeny leaning really. Your dad would be happy with any gender. But he gives the cutest smile when I talk to him about a daughter. He knows me inside out.

Your naanu will probably pamper you silly. He is the most gruff man you will ever meet .He looks tough but has the softest heart of anyone you will ever meet in your life.

He rarely says much. Except to mom who knows him like no other and even with her he is not that vocal.
You get the picture.

Naanu will give you treats and gifts and share secrets with you. He is going to tell you not to share the secret with anyone coz you two are best friends.

I know. He used to do the same with us. 🙂

Naanu will trick you into eating more by getting into an eating competition with you. Before you know it, you will be stuffed.

I know again. He would do that with us too.:)

Actually come to think of it you will be spoiled silly by everyone won’t you? *sigh*

I already have a picture in my head.

Bratty, spoilt kid. Grandparents who pamper not to mention uncles, aunts, cousins… Oh! They will pamper you some more.

I hope and pray you meet each member of your family and grow up to remember each one’s uniqueness.

I pray that you make amazing memories with them.

I also want you to grow up surrounded by animals. Of any kind. But that we will have pets is a guarantee.
It is a firm belief of mine that children who grow up surrounded by little furry beings, winged, four legged or otherwise are much more patient and more sensitive and better human beings. Atleast that’s what I hope and pray you will be.

Your dad suffered a heartbreak when his little fourlegged friend died while he was still in school. He promised himself that he would never go through that heartache again.

I lost my little companion when she was 11. I still miss her. That picture in the living room? Thats her. She was a mad one. A delight . She would make us laugh with her antics. She was the wisest little being I have ever come across.

Your naanu, naani and both your maamajis suffered that heartache too. They still talk about her you know. Specially your naani. Ask her about her nanhi someday. She will smile and get lost in her memories. We were blessed to have her.

There is an ache. I too like your dad cannot bear going through the heartache again.

But I hope your dad and I can pick the courage to get a new member in the family. They make our lives richer you know. These little beings. I want you to know what its like to have a little nose nuzzling you or a tongue licking you in delight. These pleasures are priceless.

May you be blessed always.:)

Edited to add(4 years later) 🙂 :-You are finally here little one and you are definitely not a girl.:D You are a darling lil boy. Your mom and dad love you! our pink prince. 🙂 Maybe all the girly shopping can come in use some other time 😉

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