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Favorites again:)

June 18, 2019

How quickly we make a house a home.

It always astounds me even as I live it alongwith so many others.

Nomads of a certain kind. A certain tribe that plants its roots for however brief a time in places that seem barren.

Places belong to us as much as we belong to them.

It’s a realization the meaning of which has only now struck home.

Having grown up like this, this became a way of life.

It is only now that I realize why my mother always had a smile on her face.Still does:)
A familiar fragrance. A vignette. A certain word. The way someone calls my name…. In just a few seconds I am transported back . To relive it all over again. To smile. To
Each place will forever be frozen at a certain moment in time for me.

The first home we made.

Of mountains and snow. Of bactrian camels and fresh water springs and sand dunes. Gurgling streams and a mighty river.

And a trial by fire that tested us. Literally.

And we came out stronger. When you discovered what you and your soulmate were made of.

And it was a core of steel.

A place and a time when your innocent wide eyed look was indulged in and you were smothered in so much affection.

Baby steps in a big wide world with friends made for a lifetime.

How can this one not be a favorite?

It was our very own fairytale come alive.:)

And then the second one. Where you fell in love with nature all over again. Birds of all kinds and four legged creatures and mischievous squirrels made your home of two , the most beautiful one in the entire kingdom.

And wasn’t it just that? A kingdom of two?:)

So thought a young girl much in love and lugging a camera around to capture each and every moment.

Fearful of missing even a single one.

And the most beautiful of all.
It was here that they became parents. Just as they were bidding farewell to a place and the people.

They showed this kingdom to their little one too.

How can this not be my favorite?

It was my very own castle.:)

The third one.

Where he told me, “We are going home.”
And we did.
In more ways than one.
Where she found love and warmth.

Where the young girl became a mother. A hands-on one.
And her soulmate, a father.
Delighting in each gurgle. Each coo.
Each smile.
And the way he held out his tiny hands for a hug.

Toys and rattles and little cutesy quotes. Decorating a baby room with such anticipation.

When did we become parents?

Sometimes they pondered over that question and scratched their heads .

Silly, goofy grins.
A place where their little one was given so much love. So much.

So this is what it meant to be a family, she thought.

Oh!And did I tell you?
It was here that they were blessed again.
With a tiny , precious little one for the company of their first born.

How can this place not be my favorite?:)

The fourth one.
When the family moved bag and baggage to paradise.

They moved with the family too.
Soft sunshine, a slight chill in the air. And they lived in what sometimes looked like a cottage in her imagination.

Plants and flowers that bloomed.

Birds that visited and grew chubby:D

Neighbors and friends. And both rolled into one.

And playmates who gave company to her firstborn.

His first school and the memories he made.

Where she became someone who slogged and cooked. She!!
She of the ‘burnt rotis and let’s order in or eat out fame.’

All for her firstborn.

This being a mother thing.

Of not one but two precious beings.

She got the hang of it here.
In this slice of paradise.

How can this not be a favorite?:)

We are going to a new place.
Do you think it will become a favorite?:)

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  1. Sandh permalink
    June 18, 2019 5:23 pm

    It IS…another paradise and more memories to carry over! Loved every line and was able to relate to them!

  2. June 18, 2019 5:24 pm

    The name ran up first!

    • September 24, 2019 7:05 pm

      Thank you Sandhya😘it is another fav for sure now❤as you wrote.

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