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June 1, 2020

“When he grows up, ”
I say referring to my younger one , “I will go back to work too”.
My elder son immediately stops everything he is doing.
His ears perk up.

“You worked?”
“Like dad?”
“Where? But how?”

His mind is buzzing with a million questions and his mouth forms a wonderous O.

I laugh at his expression.

Amused and a little embarrassed or maybe uncomfortable that he should have thought of his mother as being permanently at home.

But then he has never seen me going out.
Not for work at least.

“Yes, I worked”.
I sit with him trying to control my laughter.
Because that offends him like nothing else.
Laughter at anything he says.

His sense of self is developing and growing.

And then after answering many breathless questions , out of all the jobs that his mom held, the one that held his attention was ….

Like Shobhana ma’am?”

He grins when I nod in affirmation.

This is the ultimate job in the world according to his young ‘in love with his class teacher ‘ heart.

The whole day he sings and hums, clutching this thought to his heart .

Sometimes, the pieces you had lost, come back to you, floating on a young child’s dreams:)

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